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Starting a website
and briefly welcoming you all here
Starting my own website was a spontaneous decision. Showing the world what you have and what you can do requires some courage, because it makes you stop looking for imperfections in your own work and start focusing on your achievements.
My name is pretty long: Maria-Iuliana Dragan, so for common conveniencies I just call myself Julia (or Yulia). Basically, that's what everyone is calling me. I am 21 years old and currently getting Built Environment Bachelor at Eindhoven University of Technology. Before that, I studied Architecture for two years at Technical University of Moldova: decided that I wanted to start from scratch somewhere in Europe and apply my English for studying.
At this website I will show you more of my works and what I love to do: Architecture projects (there are quite few so far), my paintings (which is my favourite way of self-expression) and, of course, photography (which helps me capture beauty of the world).
I am constantly searching for new means to improve what I already know and find more inspiration. This means that I am always happy to hear your feedback about what I do and the website, so do not hesitate to get in touch with me and talk.
I hope you will share my main passions with me: architecture, art, photography and beautiful stories.

Unlimited love,
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