"If I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it - keep going, keep going come what may."
― Vincent van Gogh,The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
I am constantly falling in love with life and feeling the need to express it through art. In my paintings I strive to show my personal reality and perception of this world, not to copy the real one.
Sunrise in Dinant, acrylic on canvas 30x40, 2021
Francesco's portrait, acrylic on canvas 30x40, 2021
WIthin, pencil on paper, 2013
Night painting, oil on canvas 30x40, 2020
Clues of Moldova, oil on canvas, dyptich, 2020
Self-portrait, oil on canvas, 50x50, 2020
Villars-sur-Ollon, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2019
Still nature, oil on canvas, 50x60, 2020
Eindhoven meditation, oil on canvas 30x60, 2021
Set me free, watercolor on paper, 30x42, 2019
(self?) sleepy portrait, oil on canvas 30x40, 2021
Am I an artist? pencil on paper, 42x60, 2020
Space-S, watercolor on paper, 21x30, 2021
Watercolor sketch of the house with blooming magnolia, sketchbook 10x15, 2021
Brugges, pencil in a sketchbook 15x21, 2021
Space-S postcard, watercolor on paper, 10x15, 2021
Pastel self-portrait, pastel on paper, 30x42, 2020
Still nature, watercolor on paper 42x60, 2019
Youth in the night, pastel on paper, 30x42, 2021
Still nature experiments, gouache on paper, 42x60, 2020
1984, oil on canvas, 20x30, 2020
Decorative still nature, gouache on paper, 42x60, 2019
Villars-sur-Ollon, oil on canvas 30x40, 2019
Vision of a pattern, watercolor on paper, 30x42, 2020
Prasanna means happy, watercolor on paper, 21x29, 2020
Artistic works
I hope you enjoyed looking at my paintings. It seems to be almost as posting a personal diary, where I tell stories and share my love and passion. Every painting was created by the will of my heart and followed by sharing the way I feel this life. I hope you could feel it.
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