breathing photos to feel life


This is one of my favourite pages here, because it represents so many moments of happiness and laughter. I believe that lifestyle photography is the one which is the most important for me, I try to capture those seconds when people do not control their emotions and are the most genuine.
Mixture of photos both from Moldova (Chisinau, abandoned observatory) and two photos of Olya and Billy with love from Amsterdam. August and September 2021.
Photos from Vadul-lui-Voda with my friends from Technical University of Moldova, 17-18 of July 2021
Memories from Eindhoven: Kazuma's garden, Anne Frank park and the site visit, May-June 2021.
Memories from Eindhoven: photowalk with Nynke and Eftychia, moving to the new studio (assembling the table and installing lights), meeting with theater group in the park, April-May 2021.
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