freeze for the moment


I got myself a film camera as a Birthday gift from my parents in 2022. Since then, we have rarely separated: my digital Canon lies in the closet, waiting for me to be back, while I doubt I will: for now, my film and my phone camera are a good combination of photography tools.

I love film cameras for the necessity to slow down and learn to wait - it makes me truly present for the moment I want to take a picture.
Trip to Japan, part 1: Kashima, Tokyo, Kyoto. February 2023
Trip to Japan, part 1: Saga, Hizenhama, Nagasaki. February 2023
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Trip to Tbilisi, December 2022-January 2023
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Trip to Texel, November 2022
Everyday life - getting to know the camera; September-October 2022
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