"If I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it - keep going, keep going come what may."
― Vincent van Gogh,The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
I am constantly falling in love with life and feeling the need to express it through art. In my paintings I strive to show my personal reality and perception of this world, not to copy the real one.
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Daily Drawings
Graphic experimentation as a process of visual communication and problem-solving.
An identity for LARQ cosmetics. Case studies and a brand book. May 2021.
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Stolen from a sketchbook
Some real-life cases that helped us to make the process 10 times more skillful.
Attempting comic
An interview with a head of design development in Manila about his artistic vision of the industry.
Artistic works
I hope you enjoyed looking at my paintings. It seems to be almost as posting a personal diary, where I tell stories and share my love and passion. Every painting was created by the will of my heart and followed by sharing the way I feel this life. I hope you could feel it.
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